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Garage Sale Diaries is an award-winning, unscripted lifestyle digital web series that trails a pair of zany best buddies, Kelly & Renee, as they troll alleys, yards, and carports in search of that unbeatable deal.  


Whether it’s hitting upscale addresses in search of designer labels selling for a fraction of their retail prices, or finding a keen household deal that can stretch a dollar further, Kelly & Renee's hilarious antics prove that the thrill of the hunt is as good as the bargains themselves.

Kelly, a self proclaimed "yoga princess", is constantly on the lookout for bargain priced "lulu". Renee, her practical best friend has been known to pick up the occasional toiletry while cruising a sale.

Join the girls as they spend their weekends scouring others trash for their treasures all the while keeping each other in fits of laughter.


season 3

Garage Sale Diaries, Season 3 is made possible with a grant from TELUS Optik Local Community programming, and is also available for free on demand on TELUS Optik TV.

Season 2

In Season 2, Kelly is joined by her best friend Renee. Together, with a pocket full of loose change these two bargain hunters are ready to rummage through your neighbours trash, treasure and trophies, in search of that unbeatable deal. 

Season 1 

In Season 1 of Garage Sale Diaries we follow Kelly and John; Kelly the bargain hunting soccer mom always on the lookout for a Coach bag and John, the no nonsense Picker, who sees cold hard cash where others see junk.